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We provide quality electrical services for businesses and commercial facilities. We can set you up with the electrical system you require to deliver the power and safety you need for everyday operations. We can bring your property up to date with the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective electrical systems available today.And whether your commercial space is in need of a full-service electrical repair, installation or routine maintenance program, the professional team at GC Electrical can help you.

Commercial Electrical Service Experience You Can Trust

For over a decade, the Family owned and operated GC Electrical have been providing superior commercial electrical services throughout Riverside and surrounding areas. From routine service programs to full-system electrical installation projects – big or small scale; we have the experience and efficiency to complete all commercial projects on time – and always within your budget.

Our Commercial Electrical Service Riverside

  • Building additions.  If you are making an addition to an existing building structure, it’s imperative that you use an insured and licensed commercial electrician. Your commercial electrician will, even before construction, offer crucial assistance with planning on where to install the lights and outlets. And once the construction process starts he can do the installation for you.
  • Safety inspections. Periodic safety inspections are a must for every building, and especially before you first move into a building. GC Electrical can carry out safety inspections to identify potential problems, such as ungrounded wires or obsolete electrical panels, before they can lead to accidents. We can help you avoid drastic damage to your electrical system that can lead to expensive repairs.
  • Rewiring. Is your electrical panel malfunctioning or obsolete?Do you have enough outlets? Is your wiring old or ungrounded, or does your building contains aluminum or cloth-insulated wiring? If you need any of these services or if you want to determine whether your building needs to be rewired, give us a call. A licensed commercial electrician will inspect your electrical panel, your wiring, and your outlets and can rewire your building to ensure your continued safety.
  • Breaker and fuse replacement. Since commercial building breaker boxes tend to be more complex than residential boxes, it’s important that you find a qualified commercial electrician to change fuses and move your boxes if necessary. If you have an older fuse box, your commercial electrician can also upgrade it to a breaker box to ensure the continued safety and efficiency of your system.

Our other areas of expertise in commercial electrical services include:

lightning-iconCommercial Lighting

lightning-iconParking Lot Lighting

lightning-iconSecurity Lighting

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If your building is in need of electrical repairs or installations, call GC Electrical Service today at 1-951-880-8225. We offer around-the-clock emergency services for the convenience of our customers. Whether you need an electrical panel upgrade, a safety inspection, or lighting or wiring services, our commercial electrician riverside will be happy to provide you with the exceptional commercial electrical service we are known for.



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